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Intercem Cairo conference addresses the challenges of a changing industry

Siwertell representatives in stand at Intercem exhibition
12 Dec 2018

Leading independent cement industry conference, Intercem, has again proved to be the ideal platform for Siwertell to share its knowledge and expertise with the market’s stakeholders. Intercem Cairo, held this

Huge, heavy equipment demands special delivery services

Shipment of complete Siwertell ship unloader
12 Dec 2018

The delivery of bulk handling equipment orders is a critical link in the supply chain and ensures that operations can begin as quickly as possible; bridging this gap is Siwertell’s

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Bruks Siwertell hosts first joint seminar

City view of Atlanta, US
23 Nov 2018

Wide-spread customer benefits, including the provision of a truly global network of support, have been presented at Bruks Siwertell Group’s first conference, held in Atlanta, US In the final week

12 years on: record-breaking cement unloader still going strong

Overveiw of Houston cement terminal
24 Sep 2018

In 2005, the Houston Cement Company LP enlisted Siwertell’s expertise in bulk material handling to provide a solution capable of meeting such high-capacity unloading demands that it required setting a

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Consign crushed grains to the past

Unloading grain with Siwertell unloader
19 Sep 2018

It is possible to handle grains so carefully, efficiently and quickly that importers can benefit from a significant competitive edge; Peter Göransson, Sales Manager and Senior Advisor for Siwertell explains

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Experts at your service

Surveyor walking on the Siwertell ship unloader
23 Aug 2018

Experienced surveyors deliver many benefits to customers; they can rapidly assess a machine and can often keep it up and running while waiting for parts, explains Örjan Westerberg, Siwertell surveyor

Keeping the noise down

Siwertell shipunloader and conveyor on jetty unloading from ship with sea in background
20 Aug 2018

Independent tests show that a Siwertell screw-type ship unloader is setting a very high standard when it comes to noise emissions at a Danish power plant, demonstrating that even the strictest environmental regulations can be met

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Not all ship unloaders are created equal

Siwertell ship unloader above a cargo hold and ready to unload
18 Jul 2018

Choosing the right unloader for your bulk operations could make a substantial difference to your bottom-line, as well as protecting the environment; Ola Jeppsson, Siwertell Sales Manager, offers some practical

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Sulfur Safety System

Unloading sulfur with Siwertell ship unloader
16 Jul 2018

Taming a volatile commodity: sulfur In 1910, the African-American author, Booker T Washington, who was himself born a slave, said: “I am not prepared just now to say to what

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Successful start for dedicated coal intake at Vietnamese steel plant

Green Siwertell shipunloader in operation unloading coal from ship in Vietnam
12 Jul 2018

Setting a new industry standard, Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation (FHS), owned by Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPC), is the first steel producer to operate separate, dedicated unloading systems for coal and iron ore.

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