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Market-leading technology for handling dry bulk cement

Since 1975, Bruks Siwertell has brought efficiency and environmentally-friendly operations to the cement market. We offer a full range of terminal systems for handling dry bulk cement, including loaders, unloaders, road-mobile unloaders, mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, silo systems and turn-key projects.

Amongst these systems, for example, is a 1,500t/h cement unloader in Houston, which offers the highest capacity on the market for its kind. We also offer road-mobile unloaders and conveying systems that are ideal for ports with minimal infrastructure and for operators needing high levels of flexibility.

Tailored systems for dry bulk cement

For any dry bulk cement operation, we have the know-how when it comes to tailoring solutions to meet each customer’s needs. In recent years, we have delivered the market’s highest unloading capacities in dry bulk cement handling.

Bruks Siwertell product capacity

Siwertell´s ship unloaders and loaders have set cement industry standards for decades, offering some of the highest unloading and loading capacities available on the market. Our cement unloaders have rated capacities of up to 1,500t/h, reflecting the use of larger vessels for cement transportation. As for loaders, Bruks Siwertell has delivered systems with loading capacities as high as 4,000t/h for ships up to Panamax size. However, we tailor our solutions to suit each customer’s needs, so higher unloading and loading capacities can be achieved if required.

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Siwertell cement ship unloader unloading unloading cement from ship

The cement industry

Increasing demand has pushed cement shipping to higher volumes. Operators are switching to larger vessels and requiring higher handling rates. The common terminal configuration until the late 1990s was geared to handle Handymax ships at rates of 800t/h. Today’s demands force many terminals to accommodate Panamax tonnage and offer quicker turnarounds by raising loading and unloading rates.