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Maintenance conference explores modernization cost savings and opens the doors to the digitalization mega trend

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6 May 2019

Almost 40 delegates attended the event, from around a dozen countries throughout Asia.

Worldwide events showcase Bruks Siwertell's strengthened portfolio

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23 Apr 2019

Bruks Siwertell has attended two events in March, both of which presented an ideal opportunity to meet with customers and industry stakeholders, and also to present the new strengthened capabilities of the merged Bruks Siwertell portfolio.

Bruks’ new air-supported belt conveyor reaches manufacturing milestone

Bruks the belt conveyor
3 Apr 2019

The new conveyor eliminates the use of traditional idlers and combines the use of air-cushion technology with Bruks’ standard belt conveyors, enabling customers to benefit from a high-capacity conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs.

Switching to biomass - effortlessly

Siwertell ship unloader is unloading coal
25 Mar 2019

Renewable energy is exploding throughout Europe. In March 2019, the UK declared its intention to derive 30 percent of energy demand from offshore wind. Meanwhile, off the Netherlands and Germany, new tenders are being announced for the first subsidy-free offshore wind farms.

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Bruks Siwertell strengthens collaboration at Nordic Pellets Conference

Presentation of Bruks Siwertell
21 Mar 2019

The combined biofuel handling and wood-processing capabilities of Bruks Siwertell were recently highlighted at a leading annual bioenergy event, Nordic Pellets Conference. Held in Varberg, Sweden, this February, the event

Dedicated processes underpin successful deliveries

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8 Feb 2019

Behind every Siwertell delivery is a dedicated point of contact, a refined process and a team of experts ready to respond; Mats Lindqvist, Manager, Contract Management for Siwertell Bulk Terminals

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Modular conveyors reap rewards from installation through to operation

Siwertell modular belt conveyor
1 Feb 2019

With the first installation of its new, modular conveyor system in Indonesia, Siwertell shows that innovation is a welcome aspect of the bulk handling industry Some machines work so well

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Working hard in the tropics

Siwertell mobile unloader
11 Jan 2019

Since 2001, a Siwertell mobile unloader in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has logged over 40,000 hours in operation, unloading over three million tons of cement; behind these capabilities is a

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As good as new: how is your bulk handling operation performing?

Study Siwertell unloading technique
10 Jan 2019

A Siwertell unloading efficiency analysis ensures that your bulk handling solution performs to the best of its capabilities, maximizing profits through relatively minor adjustments; Tony Aronsson, Area Manager Services Asia-Pacific

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We wish you a prosperous 2019

Season's Greetings from Siwertell with shipunloaders and christmas lights
14 Dec 2018

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Three Kings Day, Winter Solstice, St. Lucia Day, St. Nicholas Day, Kwanzaa, New Year… and any other festivity you may celebrate at this time of year. To