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Bulk materials: vital to world trade

The safe, efficient transportation and handling of dry bulk materials underpins most aspects of modern global trade, including power generation, industrial processes and food production. At first glance this may not seem to need elegant engineering solutions and for a long time the industry relied mainly on very basic machinery such as grab cranes and bucket systems. In the last quarter of the twentieth century the downside of these technologies, such as cargo loss through spillage, environmental pollution and cargo degradation, started to make their use less acceptable.

New bulk materials technology at the right time

This new climate of environmental awareness was the perfect time to launch our revolutionary totally-enclosed Siwertell screw-type unloaders, which were eagerly adopted by forward-looking operators. Since then we have applied our clean ethos to ship loading systems for bulk materials, and extended our presence into many market sectors. We can handle virtually any dry bulk material and expect to move into even the most conservative market sectors as the economic and environmental arguments for our approach become ever more persuasive.

Overall excellence and specific advantages

All our customers benefit from efficient, reliable, spillage-free operations with minimal dust creation. Customers dealing in certain materials benefit in specific ways.

A Siwertell combined coal and biomass ship unloader unloading a ship.

We can handle virtually any dry bulk material

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