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Aggregate stockpile system increases production capacity at Alabama mine 

Stockpile solution
16 Jun 2021

Reputation is everything; each supplier in the chain needs companies and equipment it can rely on, recently benefiting from the quick delivery of a tailored dolomite stockpiling system is Lhoist North America

Corrosion, compaction and capacity: salt handling challenges overcome with ease 

Siwertell unloading salt
2 Jun 2021

Salt, or to give it its chemical name, sodium chloride (NaCl), is far more than just a condiment.

A hungry world needs sustainable options 

Siwertell ship unloader
12 May 2021

Industries are at the forefront of change and possess incredible power to implement positive shifts. For us, we recognize that we work in environmentally intensive sectors, making environmental protection even more pertinent.

Apprenticeships: passing on expertise, training our next generation  

David Lueck
19 Apr 2021

“In Germany, apprenticeship schemes, which offer young people professional qualifications upon their completion, are essential pillars for both trainees and companies.

Dust control: don’t let particulates get you down

Bruks truck unloading system
14 Apr 2021

Every day, we work with dusty dry bulk materials and understand the issues that arise from fugitive dust emissions. Much of our development work and the foundation of many of our technologies has dust control at their very core.

Many dry bulk material handlers could benefit from in-port innovation

Siwertell port-mobile shipunloader
7 Apr 2021

The Siwertell port-mobile unloader has a lightweight design and does not require rails or any other additional infrastructure or preparatory reinforcement to the quay. For moving around, they are fitted with a low weight, rubber-tired gantry.

Think outside the box for efficiency and environmental gains 

Bruks Siwertell woodyard
17 Mar 2021

As one of the largest manufacturers of containerboard and corrugated packaging in the United States, Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), knows a lot about operating efficiency.

Remote expert assistance enabled with augmented reality platforms

Bruks Siwertell remote service
3 Mar 2021

“Although the current situation forces a change in approach in some circumstances, we have always considered our customer service role as essential,” says Daniel Frostberg, Service Director, Bruks Siwertell. “We know that our machines are expected to work hard day-in, day-out, with the same levels of performance for years.

Difficult waste wood handling demands met with ease 

Corn and test tubes
17 Feb 2021

Bruks Siwertell works closely with biofuel specialists across the world; a recent installation for leading USA-based company, ICM, demonstrates wood-processing technology’s critical role in bioenergy production.

Black gold: making sustainable steps

Bruks Siwertell coal handling
1 Feb 2021

For centuries, coal has provided a cheap, stable source of heat and power for millions, but times are changing; a collective approach to reduce its environmental impact and drive sustainable energy generation is needed.