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Ready for the industrial revolutions of tomorrow

The world is changing; the march of digitalization and industrialization means that technology must be ready to bridge new boundaries. Our products serve global supply chains from forests, fields, quarries and mines, through to manufacturing, mills, power plants and ports.

We have pioneered innovations in the industries that we serve, adding value through the application of market-leading technology.

Bruks Siwertell is transforming the face of dry bulk handling and wood processing by setting new standards in efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection. Our aim is to contribute to the sustainability of industries as a whole.

Equipping power industries for change

Within the power-generation industry, companies are exploring sustainable methods to meet rising energy demands. Our expertise and technology, developed over decades of coal handling and wood processing, are put to excellent use in the power-generation sector, and extend from traditional fossil fuels into the growing bioenergy and biofuel markets. 

Our systems efficiently handle and process the huge range of materials that come under the biomass umbrella, from wood products such as logs, wood chips, waste wood residues, bark and hogged fuel, and sawdust, through to agricultural waste. 

From the sustainable harvesting of forests, through to truck-receiving systems, wood-processing technology for pellet production, vessel loading and unloading, right up to storing and reclaiming biomass to feed the boilers of renewable power facilities, our equipment is ready to serve.

Meeting market demand for e-commerce

For decades, we have met the changing needs of the pulp and paper industry, boosting yields and delivering equipment that unloads, loads, receives, chips, screens, processes, conveys, and stacks and reclaims wood-based materials. These needs have changed substantially in recent times with the significant growth in e-commerce, driving huge increases in demand for container board, cardboard and carton board packaging.

Delivering sustainability into the heart of construction

The bulk handling and wood processing requirements of the construction industry are hugely varied. Our Siwertell ship unloaders, loaders, conveyors, and storage and reclaiming systems are trusted machines, handling many of the construction industry’s raw materials including cement, clinker and aggregates, through to iron ore and metallurgic coal for steel manufacturing, and bauxite and alumina for aluminum production. 

Meanwhile, our wood-processing systems can be found throughout the panelboard, veneer and sawmill sectors; in many cases making the most sustainable use of premium wood cuts through to sawdust, by-products, wood residues and end-of-life timber. Our technology serves virtually every type of industrial facility that requires dry bulk cargo and processed wood.


Feeding the world

Being part of the world’s food chains is a privilege and one that has growing importance as populations rise. We offer ship unloading, loading, conveying and storage and reclaiming systems that carefully handle both the raw materials for food production, such as fertilizers, and the end products such as cereals, wheat, soya meal and grains. 

We have a worldwide reputation for successfully handling all forms of agricultural dry bulk commodities. Offering a significant advantage over all other continuous ship unloading systems are our very low rates of material degradation, ensuring the quality of grain shipments from ship to shore.

Essential support for vital services

Each of the industries that we serve is vital to continuous global development. Our commitment to all these industries starts in delivering the best quality, most reliable and efficient system that we can offer. Alongside this is our commitment to service throughout its operational lifetime with planned, on-demand, and emergency support.



Bioenergy industry

As the world shifts to a more sustainable future, bioenergy and biofuels will take center stage. Bruks Siwertell is geared for this change, and already has a long history of handling and processing the wide variety of bioenergy materials needed for this global transformation. Click on above image to read more.

biofuels industry

Biofuels industry

All organic matter holds stored energy from the sun, even household waste and shredded tires. As we look to find renewable, sustainable sources of power to meet a global rise in demand, the production of biofuels comes into focus. Minimizing waste and maximizing process efficiency is essential. Click on above image to read more.

ship unloading

Food & Farming industry

food’s distribution and transport in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, with minimal waste, allows more of the world’s foodstuff to get to where it is needed the most. In the face of a rising population, this is even more important. Click on above image to read more.

wood logs forest

Panelboard industry

The panelboard industry champions the use of end-of-life wood, as well as prime cuts, and is stepping up capacity to meet growing demands from construction through to furniture manufacture. The industry is a key timber consumer, focusing production on fiber and particle board and plywood. Veneers and veneered boards also take a share, using high quality trees to ‘face’ standard lumber. Click on above image to read more.

bulk port terminal ship unloaders

Port terminal industry

The majority of the world’s food, construction and energy supplies are transported by a global maritime network of vessels, ports and import and export terminals, making them critical to populations, their growth and development. Click on above image to read more.

power station airview

Power generation industry

The world’s increasing population is driving the demand for food, infrastructure and energy, and efficient, environmentally sustainable systems are gaining ever greater importance. One of the most critical roles of the global dry bulk sector is to secure the processing and handling of fuel for power generation; a continuous, reliable source of material is essential. Click on above image to read more.

paper rolls

Pulp and paper industry

One of the oldest documented industries is pulp and paper; a sector that has seen significant changes over the centuries. Its ability to respond is remarkable. The current boom in e-commerce has driven a huge increase in the need for container board, cardboard and carton board packaging, and with ever-more retail transitioning online, this trend has little chance of slowing down. Click on the above image to read more.

wood logs

Sawmill industry

Sawmills turn softwood and hardwood logs into lumber and require heavy-duty machinery capable of high speed processing, accurate cuts and minimal waste. The primary job of a sawmill is to process timber products from a round form to a sheet, board, plank or wood chips. Click on above image to read more.

ship loader in port

Other industries

Bruks Siwertell plays an integral role in all major dry bulk industries, delivering exceptional material handling and processing technology that ensures high capacities, reliability, environmental protection and market-leading through-life costs. Click on above image to read more.