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First-of-its-kind test facility compares new conveyor capabilities against other commercially available designs

Bruks Siwertell testfacility
18 Oct 2019

A test facility in Whitesburg, Georgia, USA, has been specially built to showcase the performance capabilities of Bruks Siwertell’s new air-supported belt conveyor, ‘The Belt Conveyor™ ’.

Making something valuable out of waste

Drax biomass
14 Oct 2019

Companies that have the capability of turning waste into something valuable not only profit from it, but are also more environmentally sustainable.

Archimedes’ Screw, Bruks Siwertell’s inheritance

2 Oct 2019

Just as Edison did not actually invent the lightbulb, Olle Siwersson and Gunnar Tell did not invent the vertical screw. But like Thomas Edison, and Archimedes before him, they took an already established concept, applied it for a new purpose, and refined it further.

Dedicated wood trade event showcases mobile chipper capabilities

Bruks Siwertell Wood chipper event
25 Sep 2019

Unlike many industry events, the annual Mittia wood transportation exhibition is predominantly held outside to allow for live demonstrations of wood processing and handling equipment.

Simulation-based design and training sets new safety and efficiency standards

VR simulation
16 Sep 2019

From structural analyses and operation planning to equipment installations and service personnel training, Siwertell is creating value through simulation and virtual reality .

Make the move to Siwertell unloading systems; it could save the global alumina industry US$1 billion a year

Siwertell road-mobile
2 Sep 2019

Bruks Siwertell has identified exactly that. It has calculated – conservatively – that the global alumina industry could save US$1 billion each year by making the move from traditional systems, that is, grab cranes and pneumatics, to Siwertell screw-type unloading systems.

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Low-friction conveying offers considerable commercial rewards

Bruks the belt conveyor
20 Aug 2019

It has been three years in development, but Bruks Siwertell can now offer a conveying system that stands significantly apart from any others on the market, known as ‘The Belt Conveyor™

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Port-mobile unloader sets new standards

Siwertell port mobile unloader
13 Aug 2019

Are you looking for a highly agile, extremely efficient, port-mobile system that can champion the performance of a pneumatic unloader? If you are, here are six reasons why Bruks Siwertell’s new port-mobile unloader might be just what you are looking for

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Specialist training keeps systems running smoothly

Siwertell training
5 Aug 2019

Bruks Siwertell offers dedicated training packages so that operators not only maximize the lifetime of equipment, but also benefit from minimized downtime and high degrees of operational efficiency.

Tokyo biomass summit bolsters growth opportunities

Magnus Rundqvist
9 Jul 2019

Bruks Siwertell continues to experience strong growth opportunities in the renewable power-generation sector, including the biomass, bioenergy and biofuels industries, particularly in Asia.