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Pellet power: unlocking waste wood potential

17 Apr 2020

The importance and the growth of the wood pellet industry in North America and Europe is well-recognized, and their mature markets are setting a benchmark for the rest of the world.

Siwertell unloader meets Subic Grain's growing import needs

Siwertell ship unloader in Subic Bay, the Philippines
6 Apr 2020

Aside from being cost efficient relative to the market, Siwertell unloaders came with very good recommendations from some of our friends from within the grain industry.

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Floating on air: new conveyor technology bypasses traditional limits 

Bruks Siwertell conveyors
18 Mar 2020

New air-cushioned conveyor technology from Bruks Siwertell makes its debut at Packaging Corporation of America’s highest-volume mill in Tennessee, promising to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Two ports, 250km apart, efficiently served by one unloader

Cem Ranh
4 Mar 2020

It is not always an obvious leap to assume that, if you have dry bulk material handling operations in ports hundreds of kilometres apart, they could be efficiently served by the same ship unloading system.

Save money, plan maintenance stops

Planned maintenance stop
17 Feb 2020

Unplanned maintenance stops, emergency repairs, reputational damage and the long-term impact on efficiency are valuable reasons why wise operators plan equipment downtime.

Wood yards: so much more than a pile of chips

wood yard
5 Feb 2020

At first glance, the critical role that wood yards play in the efficiency and successful operations of pellet plants, pulp and paper mills, and biomass-powered energy facilities may not be immediately obvious.

Hopper upgrades can offer more than dust control

Bruks Hopper
24 Jan 2020

Since 2010, Domtar has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent. The US corporation continues to prioritize sustainability goals.

Weight: invisible, not insignificant

Siwertell ship unloader
15 Jan 2020

Jetty reinforcements to accommodate heavy bulk handling equipment can easily correspond to fifty percent of the cost of the actual equipment; a powerful argument as to why operators should consider lightweight machines.

Seasons' Greetings from Bruks Siwertell

Seasons greeting card from Bruks Siwertell
16 Dec 2019

We wish to send everyone our warmest season’s greetings; our customers, personnel, suppliers, global representatives, and other business partners alike. Can you guess which product is hiding inside each package?

Customer conference strengthens ties and showcases capabilities

Event Australia
11 Dec 2019

A recent contact point for customers in Australasia, was a two-day event held in Newcastle, Australia, at the end of October. Organized with Ammermann Pty Ltd, Bruks Siwertell’s agent in Australia.