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Hammer mill (system solutions)

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Optimized operations deliver outstanding performance

Our hammer mills can be arranged as individual units, but for large-scale wood-processing requirements they can be delivered as a system solution; configured in groups to deliver outstanding performance. 

Multiple mills can work seamlessly together in a synchronized operation with a controlled feed rate that automatically adjusts to changing conditions, and therefore optimizes through-put.

Bruks Hammermill system solutions

Decades of development

Our entire hammer mill range is based on decades of development and customer-driven enhancements, making our hammer mill technology extremely effective for the wood-processing industry. When coupled with the ability to fully-synchronize multiple mills into a single system, this can deliver distinct commercial advantages. 

Our multi-unit systems comprises both dry and green wood grinding machines, which each generate valuable wood products for the particle board industry and other wood composite markets, pellet production, briquetting, and boiler fuels.

Bruks Hammermill system solutions

To ensure minimal environmental impact and to meet local dust-emission standards, our hammer mills can operate with only recycling airflow or an optional external fan system for increased production.

All systems are Atex-classified and meet the highest international safety standards.