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Port-mobile unloaders Siwertell PMU 400 and Siwertell PMU 600: optimized to meet global grain market needs

The latest addition to Siwertell’s market-leading portfolio of products that serve the global grain industry is the standardized port-mobile unloader - the PMU.

Optimized on many key levels from its stable, lightweight steel structure through to its gentle cargo handling, smooth cargo discharge, and total operational costs, the unloader offers full port mobility, excellent efficiency and rated capacities and reduced investment costs. 

The Siwertell port-mobile unloader (PMU), uses heavy-duty rubber tyres and an advanced steering system and is available as a 400t/h or a 600t/h unit. It is an ideal solution for operators looking for a port-based system to discharge vessels up to 60,000 dwt.

port mobile unloader

Low material degradation

One of the greatest advantages when unloading grain with Siwertell screw-conveyor technology is low material degradation. The Siwertell PMU offers similar discharge rates as pneumatic unloaders, but generates significantly less cargo degradation because of its dramatically lower conveying velocity. Terminal operators and third-party specialists have measured the level of breakages before and after a Siwertell unloading operation and have confirmed these low degradation rates.

Smooth cargo flows

As standard, the Siwertell PMU features a dual truck-loading system, with the option for a third loading system. As these systems are independent of each other, the unloader is totally flexible during truck loading, delivering the fastest loading operation possible.

Furthermore, to minimize the impact of truck changeovers and an irregular truck supply, the unloader is equipped with a large-volume intermediate surge hopper. This hopper allows for discharge operations from a ship to continue even if no trucks are available immediately.

Operational economy

Operational costs depend on total unloading times and therefore it is important to maintain high average through-ship capacities to reduce any demurrage costs. Unlike a pneumatic unloader that can only operate its intake nozzle in a vertical direction, the Siwertell PMU can move its vertical arm +/- 30 degrees and reach all areas of the cargo hold, including the troublesome area underneath the hatch corners. This minimizes any cargo left for the payloader at the end of the unloading operation and maximizes efficiency rates. Additionally, it uses simplified, standard technology, which keeps maintenance and wear parts costs relatively low compared with other unloading systems on the market.

Advantages that deliver a competitive edge

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Please click below to open our brochure about the Siwertell PMU, which includes technical data of the port-mobile unloader, as well as a few customer cases of grain handling terminals.

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