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Worldwide events showcase Bruks Siwertell's strengthened portfolio

23 Apr 2019

Bruks Siwertell has attended two events in March, both of which presented an ideal opportunity to meet with customers and industry stakeholders, and also to present the new strengthened capabilities of the merged Bruks Siwertell portfolio.

Colombiamar, Columbia

The first of the events was Colombiamar, held between 13th and 15th March, in the heart of the historic port city of Cartagena de Indias, Columbia. The biannual fair and conference brought together companies from across the naval, maritime, fluvial and port sectors to promote technological development and innovation updates. 

Themes for the Copinaval conference, affiliated with Colombiamar, included news and trends in ship design, dual-use technology solutions and opportunities, perspectives and competitiveness in the shipyard sector.

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Colombiamar attracted more than 3,000 visitors from 30 countries, and had 90 speakers. Representatives from Bruks Siwertell included Manager Global Bulk Sales, Magnus Rundqwist, Colombia-based naval architect and marine engineer, Fabio Zapata, and Siwertell Sales Manager, Patrik Henrysson. 

“Columbia has a thriving dry bulk materials market, especially for grain, and is no stranger to both Bruks and Siwertell technology. For example, the port of Buenaventura was modernized with a Siwertell unloader, when an ST 490-F rail-mounted ship unloader replaced old grab-type material handling equipment for Graneles. At the time it offered incredible advantages, and it still does.

“Events such as Colombiamar enable us to touch-base with our customers, demonstrate our capabilities and show how any innovations in our technology can deliver commercial advantages across different material handling sectors,” he adds. 

Intra-tech, Russia

Later in March, Intra-tech, held between 27th and 29th at the Artplay exhibition complex in St Petersburg, Russia, also proved to be a successful event for Bruks Siwertell. It was well attended with key industry representatives, bringing together experts from across the oil and gas, energy and processing industries. Bruks Siwertell was able to present its combined material handling and wood-processing capabilities to a large, interested audience.

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Anders Svensson, Sales Manager, Bruks Siwertell, presented a paper during one of the engineering sessions, outlining the merged Bruks Siwertell portfolio and what it could offer the energy and processing industries of the region, and beyond. 

“We received a lot of questions and interest about ‘The Belt Conveyor’, which is our new air-supported conveyor technology,” says Mr Svensson. “It is extremely cost-effective and requires much less maintenance than traditional idler belt systems as there are no moving parts along the conveyor. 

“Many new clients came to the Bruks Siwertell exhibition stand after the presentation to express their positive feedback for the technology and a wish to receive proposals for several new projects so that they could compare traditional idler conveyors with our innovative new system.”


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