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Bruks the belt conveyor

Bruks’ new air-supported belt conveyor reaches manufacturing milestone

3 Apr 2019

Full-scale production of Bruks’ innovative new air-supported belt conveyor, ‘The Belt Conveyor’ has now been reached, with Bruks Siwertell’s Mexican manufacturing partner, Aztek Technologies, able to offer consistent levels of extremely high manufacturing quality.

Bruks The belt conveyor

With state-of-the-art equipment and over 23 years of experience, Aztek leads the industry in the provision of precision metal fabrication and powder coating services for original equipment manufacturers across a wide range of industries. “Its attention to detail and quality makes Aztek an ideal manufacturing partner for Bruks Siwertell,” says Steve Bennett, CEO and President of Bruks.

“All components for the new conveyor will be powder coated to give them a perfect finish,” continues Mr Bennett. “Also, the conveyor trusses will be galvanized to ensure their long, safe service life.”

Each of the conveyors’ 12.2m (40ft) trusses are designed to incorporate all components. Aztek will assemble each truss, including covers, to minimize any assembly on site. “This approach ensures that each component is correctly fitted and installation times and costs are reduced. Also, to lower shipping costs, three complete truss sections can be loaded onto one truck.”


Bruks the belt conveyor


The new conveyor eliminates the use of traditional idlers and combines the use of air-cushion technology with Bruks’ standard belt conveyors, enabling customers to benefit from a high-capacity conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs.

It uses a formed pan to support the belt, with a fully flanged cover to make it dust tight, protecting the environment and reducing any material losses to a minimum. The shape of the pan mimics the geometry of a 35-degree idler conveyor, but without the rollers, therefore it still meets the industry-standard calculations for the USA’s Conveyors Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA).

“Typically, idler conveyors must have the idlers and covers installed after shipping, as they are external to the truss,” concludes Mr Bennett. “Therefore, as our air-supported belt conveyors have no idlers, and the covers are already fitted, installation times are significantly reduced.”



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