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Specialist training keeps systems running smoothly

5 Aug 2019

Bruks Siwertell offers dedicated training packages so that operators not only maximize the lifetime of equipment, but also benefit from minimized downtime and high degrees of operational efficiency.

Large Bruks Siwertell deliveries come with an introductory level of operator training, but more specific training on certain aspects of equipment can prove a valuable investment. For example, this can be targeted at maintenance regimes, so that equipment service life is maximized and unplanned downtime is minimized, or at certain operational procedures to enhance efficiency and performance.

Siwertell surveyor, Fredrik Gustavsson, is a keen advocate of customer training programs and believes that they are important not just for understanding a machine’s overall function, but that specific maintenance methods get a longer lifetime out of components.


Broader skills add benefits

“When equipment is delivered, it is usually accompanied with operator training at the point of handover. The level of training is dependent on a number of factors, including whether or not a customer already has some experience of working with our equipment,” Mr Gustavsson explains. “More in-depth training gives the operators a wider range of skills or takes existing skills to new levels, delivering advantages such as more efficient operations, time saving techniques and advice about how to avoid operating the equipment in ways that can result in unnecessary component wear. 

“If an operation has just started or in fact a refresher course is needed because of operator changes, for example, our training programs are always a good investment,” he continues. “Our representatives are highly skilled and have a great deal of experience covering all aspects of a machine’s operation. Our customers can expect to reinforce the skills of their operators and maintenance personnel. 

“Ongoing training is very important to ensure that a company’s personnel maintain their high level of knowledge and can skillfully evaluate situations and identify the need to service different components. In-time replacement of wear parts is always cost effective and reduces downtime,” stresses Mr Gustavsson.

“Our products are delivered to almost every continent of the world. Many problems can be avoided or solved by customers themselves if the customer has undertaken specific training for its equipment. Good knowledge of the equipment is also beneficial for communicating with service engineers,” he points out.


Valuable customer feedback

A customer that has benefited from specific training not long ago is Jurong Port, a leading international multipurpose port operator in Singapore, which had recently taken delivery of an inclining Siwertell horizontal screw conveyor (HSC 1000) system. 

“Jurong Port has lengthy experience of Siwertell systems, operating our equipment since 1996. It carried out its own HSC installation and then contacted Siwertell for a tailored training program not only to ensure that this was carried out correctly, but that its operation and maintenance were also being performed in an optimum way. 

“We were able to do all of this and provided information on the peripheral equipment that was also supplied and detailed the long and short term maintenance regimes and spare parts requirements for the system,” notes Mr Gustavsson.  

“The training was carried out over two days and in two separate sessions to cover the company’s different shifts. This ensured that all relevant personnel were able to attend, enabling the training knowledge to have the widest reach possible. 

“The reflections of the participating personnel were that they had not only learnt new things, but that this new information would add value to the service activities that they perform,” he concludes.



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