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Magnus Rundqvist

Tokyo biomass summit bolsters growth opportunities

9 Jul 2019

Bruks Siwertell continues to experience strong growth opportunities in the renewable power-generation sector, including the biomass, bioenergy and biofuels industries, particularly in Asia. These opportunities have recently been highlighted at the Center for Management Technology’s (CMT’s) 10th Biomass Pellets Trade and Power summit, held at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, between 13th and 16th May.

“In recent years, we have seen a significant push in the renewable energy market in the Asia-Pacific region”, says Jan Karlsson, Siwertell Sales Director, APAC. “The summit provided a great platform to share expertise and learn more about Asia’s changing bioenergy landscape.” 

The summit brought together over 350 visitors from more than 35 countries to participate in panel discussions about Japanese and South Korean biomass developments. Topics included biomass sustainability and certification, demand development, supply logistics, technologies and financing. Workshops and ample networking opportunities were also included, marked by a traditional sake barrel ceremony.

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Exhibiting alongside a variety of leading biomass producers, power utilities, and technology providers were Bruks Siwertell representatives including Mr Karlsson, Ola Jeppsson, Siwertell Sales Manager, Magnus Rundqwist, Bruks Sales Manager, Maic Dillbahner, Bruks (Klöckner) Area Sales Manager and Hirokazu Handa, Bruks Siwertell area representative and Managing Director, Japan Maritime Industries Co Ltd.



Alongside the summit proceedings, participants were given the opportunity to visit the Sakata wood biomass power plant, located in Yamagata Prefecture in Japan’s Tohoku region. The 50MW plant, operated by Summit Sakata Power Corporation, burns Japanese woodchips, imported wood pellets, and other renewable fuels to produce electricity.


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