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Siwertell care agreement: Road mobile unloaders

As part of its commitment to long-term service support, Bruks Siwertell offers planned Siwertell Care agreements for road-mobile ship unloaders, designed to ensure maximum equipment availability.

The condition, performance and safety of any machine depends on how well it is maintained and the timely replacement of wear, strategic and consumption parts. Road-mobile unloaders are no exception, and regular, planned service, ensures that they operate efficiently, with the longest possible service life.

Siwertell road mobile unloader


Bruks Siwertell offers Siwertell Care agreements for its full range of ship unloaders, including road-mobile units. These are available for new and existing unloaders, and deliver a number of advantages.

Our preventative and planned service products make it easier to schedule services and plan and spread the cost of equipment maintenance. They offer a fixed cost for a set number of surveyor visits and guarantee that parts are in place. Agreements are also extremely cost-effective for the operator, with favorable discounts on spare parts included.

An agreement includes regular inspections, carried out by a certified Siwertell surveyor, to efficiently and accurately assess an unloader’s condition, safety and performance. They also include training that covers mechanical, instrumentation and electrical maintenance. Training occurs on a regular basis, topping-up operator maintenance knowledge at each visit.

To ensure that each agreement meets every operator’s need, they are modular, flexible, and tailor-made to respond to individual requirements. The frequency of surveyor visits is a key consideration and is why we suggest specific timeframes, depending on the operation and unloader type.

Each visit generates a report, which covers an overview of the maintenance training and work carried out. It can include any requirements for special attention, maintenance, repair or upgrade, and recommendations for any further investigation, assistance or training needs. Spare parts and guidance with regard to obsolete components or systems is also covered.

Our next-generation road-mobile unloaders are now being fitted with the Dell Edge Gateway, an Internet of things (IoT) device, which enables extensive monitoring, follow-up, support and trouble-shooting through safe, remote access.

If an unloader is fitted with such a device, remote, web-based support can be included as part of the maintenance agreement.

Siwertell road mobile unloader

Main Features

  • Regular mechanical and electrical inspection of road-mobile unloaders.
  • Opportunity to supervise any work being carried out during a planned visit. 
  • Opportunity to discuss operational or performance queries.
  • Ongoing operator maintenance training, which builds in-house knowledge.
  • Fixed cost for an agreed number of planned service visits per year. 
  • Potential for web-based, remote support.
  • Discount available for spare parts.

Siwertell road mobile unloader


  • Planned maintenance is significantly cheaper than unplanned, with fixed, predictable  costs and administration requirements.
  • Work is carried out by expert Siwertell surveyors. 
  • Web-based, remote access support can be arranged. 
  • Wear and tear can be attended to effectively and prior to component failure.
  • Service labor and spare parts discounts are included.
  • Spare parts guidance ensures spares are ordered well ahead of critical replacement dates, which will reduce costs.
  • Unplanned downtime is minimized.
  • Drive settings can be adjusted in accordance with a machine’s design criteria.
  • Equipment performance is improved by ensuring that machine settings are optimal and that the highest possible unloading/loading capacity can be maintained.
  • The safety of the unloader is reviewed.


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