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Siwertell News highlights innovation and new ways to meet changing customer needs

14 Dec 2018

The latest issue of Siwertell’s customer magazine, Siwertell News, is now available to read and opens with an insight into a Siwertell unloading efficiency analysis. This evaluation service questions if an operator’s unloading efficiency is as good as new, and if not, offers practical and often simple ways to improve it.  By focusing on maximizing the performance of the complete unloading process, operational efficiency can be increased and therefore profitability.

Siwertell’s commitment to customer service has been recognized at the International Bulk Journal’s annual awards event in November, where Siwertell won the 2018 IBJ Customer Care Award. Attention to customer service is expressed in many ways across the magazine including upgrade projects, ongoing maintenance services, dedicated customer support throughout the order to delivery process, and on an organizational level through the newly formed Bruks Siwertell Group.

In late October, Siwertell hosted its first conference as part of the Bruks Siwertell Group for the ‘Bulk Worldwide’ representative network. This issue reviews the event and shares Bruks Siwertell Group’s vision to further develop a global network of support for customers.

Innovations are also showcased within the magazine. This includes the introduction of Siwertell’s new high-capacity loader and the first installation of its new modular conveying system at a coal intake terminal in Indonesia. Both highlight Siwertell’s commitment to finding the best solution possible for every bulk handling operation.

Siwertell News is published twice a year, both in print and online. To find out about the above, and many other features, you can read the latest issue of Siwertell News here >>


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