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Workshops offer valuable opportunities to learn from operational feedback

10 Jun 2019

There is no greater feedback than that from an operator. Without our valued customers taking the time to share experiences it is not possible to gain greater depths in our knowledge and continuously improve our products and services.

Siwertell is enormously grateful for the two constructive two-day workshops that it recently held with Therma Visayas Inc (TVI) and Therma South Inc (TSI), subsidiaries of Aboitiz Power Corporation, in the Philippines. 

“These were mutually-agreed workshops for TVI and TSI to discuss the experiences that have been gained from operating a Siwertell unloader,” explains Tony Aronsson, Area Manager Services APAC. “Both maintenance and operational elements were discussed.”

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The events were a result of discussions between Mr Aronsson and owner representatives including Clive Smith, Technical Director Aboitiz, John Dillon, Head of Technical Department Aboitiz, Clarisa Mirano, VP Fuel and Materials Management Aboitiz, Val Saludes, Power Plant Manager TSI, and Osvaldo Dos Santos, Maintenance Manager TVI.

The first workshop was held at TVI, Toledo City, Cebu and the second in TSI, Davao, Mindanao, in the Philippines.

“Both workshops were attended by very interested and engaged participants,” adds Mr Aronsson. “Many questions regarding maintenance and operational performance were discussed and, furthermore, a platform was established for a future development program. This involves a plan for sustainable short- and long-term support that is designed to keep the owner’s Siwertell equipment in peak operating condition so that it can maintain its high efficiency and availability.”

 The owners operate ST 790-D rail-mounted ship unloaders with rated unloading capacities of 1,500t/h for handling coal and capable of discharging vessels up to a post-Panamax size of 92,500 dwt.



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