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Do you need a slewing drive replacement, fast?

15 May 2019

We know that the unexpected need to replace a slewing drive can cause substantial delays to your unloading and loading operations. But did you know that we offer a cost-effective supply option for Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders that ensures faster delivery times for their replacement?

Slewing drives work incredibly hard, helping power movements that require both load holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox. They are integral to the market-leading capabilities of Siwertell machines and our slewing drives are specially designed for them.

Saying goodbye to long lead times

Several years ago, as part of our commitment to continuous research, development and improvement, we addressed the issue of long lead times for the production and delivery of replacement drives and some other spare parts. 

As part of this process, we introduced new state-of-the-art slewing drives, which also benefit from flexible manufacturing arrangements to ensure reduced lead times. They can be fitted without modification, guaranteeing that your Siwertell machines are up and running in the shortest time possible. 

Whether replacing damaged or wear parts, we only uses original spare parts. This is because we know that using the best quality components ensures the longest service life and the highest levels of operational performance. 



Daniel Frostberg
Service Director

Daniel Frostberg


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