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Rotom hammer hog (horizontal fed)

hammer hog horizontal fed bruks siwertell

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Proven designs deliver trouble-free wood-processing

Depending on the position of the machine in the wood-processing plant and the size of the material handled, Bruks Siwertell can design a hammer hog unit to fit.

Bruks Rotom hammerhog horizontal

For level operations and processing longer timber (round logs with maximum length of 2m), a horizontal-fed hammer hog, fitted with an optional in-feed spike roll, is an ideal choice.

The space-saving horizontal-fed model can be equipped with an integrated screen, which ensures that only pre-defined oversized materials are processed within the unit. This tailors the end product to meet customer needs, adding value for its owner.

To make horizontal units suitable for materials other than bark, such as industrial timber waste and sawmill waste, the unit can be specified with extremely powerful oversized hammers and anvils.

Our robust, reliable hammer hogs have large service hatches and exchangeable, reversible wear parts, making them easy to maintain, further adding to their trouble-free operation.

Bruks Rotom hammerhog horizontal