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Gyratory free swinging screen

Gyratory free swinging screen

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Accurate separations set industry standards

Our industry-leading gyratory free-swinging screens are well known for their accurate, durable performance.

They are relied upon worldwide for their ability to separate wood-based materials such as chips, pellets, pin chips or sawdust, into two to four size categories.

Gyratory screening maximizes profits by ensuring the highest possible yields and are available in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 24m2. Our punched plate or wire mesh screen plates are easily accessed and changeable.

Bruks Gyratory free swinging screen

Benefits of good design

The screening motion for our gyratory free-swinging screens is generated by a motor-driven, rotating counterweight, delivering a high-capacity through-put. The bulk material is delivered via an inlet chute, which is designed to spread a load over the entire width of the screen and reduce material flow to an optimum level.

The system comprises a screen box, suspended by steel cables, which contains two or three screen decks with decreasing hole sizes. The top deck consists of perforated screen plates; other decks usually have wire mesh-type plates in place, which ensures superior separation of fines and pin-chips. High volumes and loads are accommodated by the integral strength of the plates and mesh.

For some units, the screen decks have a stepwise decreasing inclination, which leads to decreasing transport speeds. This design delivers an impressive combination of high capacities with highly accurate screening. Other units are specified for an ingenious control mechanism that makes it easy to vary the proportion of an accepted fraction in a load, or to discharge a separate fraction of processed material entirely.

All our screen decks are exchangeable and come with a variety of perforations adapted to individual requirements.

Optional flop gates in the discharge chute are also available. These optimize sawdust and pin chip separation.