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Ship unloader - Reaching the 3,000t/h milestone

Siwertell’s new 1090H screw-type unloader discharges coal at nearly a tonne every second. Excellent environmental credentials and low maintenance requirements make it ideal for modern power-generation and steel production plants.


Meets large-scale operators

Siwertell has developed the 1090H high-capacity ship unloader specifically to meet the needs of large-scale operators. It is ideal for modern coal-fired power plants and import terminals, which have demanding operational schedules that leave limited time for maintenance.

In addition to a rated capacity of 3,000t/h, the 1090H delivers a market-leading through-the-ship efficiency of 70 percent. This is possible because the unloader is able to maintain its exceptional discharge rate almost continuously throughout the unloading process. Final clean-up operations are kept to a minimum as the unloader can access all areas of the cargo hold.

Environmental protection

The totally-enclosed system ensures excellent environmental protection. This can be extended downstream by the addition of Siwertell’s latest modular high-capacity belt conveyors, designed to offer outstanding efficiency and environmental performance.

While the 1090H unloader takes full advantage Siwertell’s experience and existing technology, it features a new inlet feeder able to handle huge amounts of bulk cargo with highest reliability. It also has a newly-designed supporting steel structure. The unloader’s physical footprint is extremely compact and it weighs significantly less than other systems with similar capacity capabilities. This means that operators can save money on jetty construction or modification.

 A true economic and environmental investment

Siwertell’s new high-capacity 1090H ship unloader saves money at all stages of its lifetime by offering operators:

• Lower investment costs than for other unloading systems
• Lower investment costs than for smaller unloaders:
 2 x 3,000t/h unloaders cost less than 3 x 2,000t/h unloaders
• Lower investment costs in jetty construction
• No loss of cargo from spillage and minimal dustcreation
• Excellent reliability delivered with low maintenance costs and minimal downtime
• High discharge rate ensures fewer operating hours, further reducing maintenance costs
• High discharge rate means that vessels spend less time on the berth
• Investment and operating cost savings have a beneficial effect



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