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Siwertell's commitment to customers wins industry recognition

Bruks Siwertell delegates at IBJ Award 2018
27 Nov 2018

Siwertell, part of Bruks Siwertell Group, has won this year’s prestigious International Bulk Journal (IBJ) Customer Care Award, demonstrating the company’s dedication to customer service and support. Hosted at Eskimo Fabriek, in the port city of Ghent, Belgium, the award was presented at a ceremony on 19th November, with over 500 guests from across the globe. The judges praised Siwertell’s...

Heavy-duty Bruks flare reducer specified for sawmill expansion project

Bruks Siwertell butt flare reducer
7 Nov 2018

Bruks Siwertell is carrying out the design and supply of a heavy-duty flare reducer for a wood-processing company in south central Georgia in the USA. The delivery supports the owner’s sawmill expansion project and has the capability of turning and trimming logs up to 0.9m (35 inches) in diameter, and trim irregularities on every incoming log surface at high speeds. Bruks Siwertell has also worked...

Siwertell extends local market presence with new office in China

Siwertell director sitting in the chair in the new office in Shanghai
19 Oct 2018

Bruks Siwertell Group has announced the opening of a new office in Shanghai, China, to expand Siwertell’s current services in the country. Building on its established presence in Asia, the move is part of Bruks Siwertell Group’s continued commitment to deliver local support to its growing customer base. “The new office enables us to respond effectively to the needs of our existing and potential...

Bruks Turbulator ensures successful operations for CanFor Pulp

Bruks Siwertell Tubulator
10 Oct 2018

Bruks Siwertell has completed its delivery of a Bruks Turbulator air-supported belt conveyor for CanFor Pulp’s facility in Prince George, British Colombia. The Tubulator offers a unique operating profile composed of a belt running inside a tube, with a low-pressure layer of air suspending the belt inside. The conveyor supply includes support towers, which can be located up to 76m (250ft) apart,...

Siwertell technology chosen as best fit for South Texas cement handling operations

Siwertel ship unloader on jetty unloading from ship
27 Sep 2018

Siwertell, part of Bruks Siwertell Group, has secured an order from US-based GCCM Holdings LCC to supply a high-capacity ship unloader for South Texas Cement’s terminal in the US port of Corpus Christi.

Evergreen expansion calls for comprehensive package of Bruks equipment

Bruks extended arm truck dumper
25 Sep 2018

As a part of Evergreen Packaging’s paper mill expansion project in Canton, North Carolina, USA, Bruks Siwertell will deliver a comprehensive package of equipment. It includes a high-performance extended arm truck dumper, which offers a number of benefits including accommodating trucks of up to around 21m (70ft) in length and weights up to 41 metric tons (90,000 lbs). Other equipment includes a...

Siwertell increases presence in Asia with new office in the Philippines

two men in front of a white screen, presenting with microphones
24 Sep 2018

Siwertell, part of Bruks Siwertell Group, has announced the opening of a new office in Manila, in the Philippines, to serve its growing base of customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Siwertell already has a strong presence in Taiwan, Korea and China, and this move is part of a longer-term commitment to deliver expanded support for existing as well as potential customers in the region.

Siwertell designs new triple-enclosed loading system for eco-friendly ore handling operations in Ireland

Siwertell ship loading telescopic arm with chute
14 Aug 2018

Siwertell, part of Bruks Siwertell Group, has secured an order for a ship loading system from Irish mining company, Boliden Tara Mines DAC; an operating subsidiary of Boliden AB.

Bruks drum chipper ideally suited for demanding operations

Bruks drum chipper
3 Aug 2018

Two new Bruks drum chippers for a sawmill expansion at the Idaho Forest Group in the northwestern part of the USA have recently been delivered. The sawmill’s owners have worked very closely with Bruks Siwertell for over a decade, proving the quality and dependability of its products and personnel. For this project, the feed material for the drum chipper is a blend of sawmill waste, including trim...

Planned deliveries and upgrades minimize unnecessary downtime

14 Jul 2018

Bruks Siwertell has recently supplied and installed a new chip screening and processing system for a large US-based containerboard mill in the southeast of the country. The project was carried out to precisely coincide with planned stoppages, avoiding any unnecessary downtime. The contract called for the supply of six new conveyors, a structural steel tower to support the two chip screens and re...

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