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Siwertell boosts cement handling operations in the Middle East and South Asia with a continuous run of road-mobile unloader deliveries

28 Feb 2019

Siwertell, part of Bruks Siwertell Group, is now completing the delivery of its fifth and sixth road-mobile ship unloaders in the past sixteen months. All have been ordered for cement handling operations in the Middle East and South Asia.

“We are obviously delighted that the market continues to see the benefits of our road-mobile technology,” says Jörgen Ojeda, Director, Mobile Unloaders, Siwertell. “These incredibly flexible ship unloaders are effectively a compact, efficient terminal on a trailer, making them an ideal investment where there is minimal infrastructure and operators service multiple ports.”

The six latest deliveries, for a variety of owners, will all benefit from Siwertell’s market-leading road-mobile technology, which was originally developed for handling cement. The units ordered include a 15 000 S, Siwertell’s largest road-mobile unloader model, which efficiently discharges dry bulk materials up to 500t/h, and five 10 000 S next-generation units, which handle cement at a continuous rated capacity of 300t/h.

“Next-generation road-mobile unloaders build on the proven capabilities of previous models,” explains Mr Ojeda.  “Amongst a number of step-advances, the units are equipped with the newest electrical system, which enhances mechanical efficiency, as well as featuring the company’s latest programmable logic controller (PLC). This means that our engineers in Sweden can securely connect to the unloader and identify when a fault or downtime has occurred and assist in trouble-shooting the issue.

“They also offer a three-pronged environmental approach,” he notes. “Dust filters, the latest diesel engines, and the virtually dust-free operating profile common to all Siwertell machines greatly reduce atmospheric emissions and their associated health risks to populations in and around a port.”

The latest road-mobile deliveries are two next-generation Siwertell 10 000 S unloaders for operations in the Middle East. They are electrically-driven, trailer-based units and equipped with dust filters and a double-bellows system for the efficient onward conveying of cement.

The total number of Siwertell road-mobile unloaders delivered to the Middle East and South Asia now stands at 24.


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