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Out now: Bruks Siwertell's first joint customer magazine

14 Jun 2019

The first issue of Bruks Siwertell’s customer magazine, Bulk Handling News, is now available to read. It has been just over a year since Bruks and Siwertell were integrated into one market-leading dry bulk handling group, and its magazine showcases the benefits for customers all over the world. 

Opening the issue is an insight into the merger and how customers are given greater access to services and the advantages that this larger resource delivers.

Strong growth in the forest and wood-related dry bulk industries is underpinned by Bruks Siwertell’s comprehensive range of equipment and services to process, convey, load, unload, store and reclaim processed wood products. 

Supporting this industry, and many others, is Bruks Siwertell’s innovative new air-supported belt conveyor, ‘The Belt Conveyor™’, which is ideally suited for transferring biomass-based products. Its remarkable capabilities are highlighted in the magazine. 
With the increasing need for mobile systems that retain the highest levels of performance, read about Bruks Siwertell’s new port-mobile unloader, which is challenging traditional technology to deliver a competitive edge to grain handlers. 

Additionally, this issue highlights how two Siwertell rail-mounted coal unloaders are raising the bar in efficiency for handling coking coal at a Vietnamese steel plant. 

The magazine also sheds light on how Bruks Siwertell is creating value through its greater uptake of digitalization developments. Virtual reality (VR) capabilities are being employed not only to create an immersive environment for customers to interact with equipment, but to enhance training efficiency, as well as safeguard successful operations.
Bulk Handling News is reflective of Bruks Siwertell’s joint identity and is published twice a year, both in print and online. 

The full issue is available to read here.

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Director of Marketing Communications, Bruks Siwertell Group

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