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New ‘Customer Cases’ page delivers tailored search results

12 Dec 2018

As part of its commitment to provide valuable online content, Siwertell has added a new customer cases page to its website. The new page is designed to serve as an information source outlining the company’s global solutions and services for a wide range of bulk handling requirements.

Using the search options provided in the drop-down menu, visitors can filter case stories and installation information based on key search categories including product type, bulk material, ship size and bulk handling capacity.

“Customer case studies are a great way to showcase how our equipment and solutions perform in the ‘real world,” says Emily Bkhus Cueva, Director of Marketing Communications at Siwertell. “The new search feature extends usability by enabling users to find out more about existing deliveries and past projects from around the world, as well as search for installations of interest close by.”

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Unique user experience

Information tiles below the filter menu give a brief insight into each case story. A hover effect displays the type of bulk material handled in relation to each case, allowing users to quickly scan the page.

Once clicked, users can learn more about the scope of Siwertell’s operations, including the location, challenges and results. Images are also included to provide a visual overview of the various installation processes.

Siwertell’s new website was launched in October 2017 and since then the company receives inquiries via the direct contact tab on a daily basis. “Updating our website provided us with the opportunity to deliver a more functional and personalized online experience to visitors, as well as ensure easy access to specific information,” says Ms Bkhus Cueva.

“We are also active across a range of social media channels and have integrated ‘follow’ buttons on the website to make it easy for people to find us.”

To access the new Customer Cases page, visit

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Director of Marketing Communications, Bruks Siwertell Group

Emily Brækhus Cueva

+46 706858023

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