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Drum chipper (horizontal)

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Market-leading machines that process any waste wood product.

We manufacture complete chipping lines that meet the highest performance and reliability criteria. Our heavy-duty machinery can handle the toughest conditions and Bruks’ horizontal-fed drum chipper is no exception.

Bruks Drum chipper horizontal

Our drum chippers, with their large in-feed openings, lead the market and are capable of processing any waste wood product. Logs or bundles of wood with a diameter of over a meter can be reliably processed in Bruks’ larger chippers.

With the ability to produce up to 300t/h of high-quality pulp mill chips, or smaller microchips for use in the biofuel industry, our drum chippers have flexible arrangements to produce even large chips of up to 200mm in length.

With more than 50 years of experience and over 10,000 drum chippers installed, you can depend on a well-tested product that will deliver a long, economic life with low maintenance costs.

Bruks Drum chipper horizontal

Wear resistant, proven technology

Our drum chippers have heavy-duty, self-aligning bearings that are centered in steel housings and bolted to the side walls of the machine. These deliver a long and effective service life.

In addition, their feed rollers have special ‘teeth’ that are surface-hardened by a heat treatment process, resulting in a particularly high wear resistance. We can deliver rollers with the option to have exchangeable wear segments.

Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders are used to regulate the pressure of the upper feed rollers and to open the upper feed rollers for maintenance and easy cleaning. Hydraulic cylinders are also used for maintenance functions and easy access for cleaning and knife change.