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Cecilia Cederek - Contract Manager

I’m Cecilia Cederek and I am employed as a Contract Manager within Siwertell’s Bulk Terminals, new sales business area. I work with Siwertell’s well-known unloaders, loaders and conveyors to develop world-leading bulk terminals. By combining our high-capacity, high-efficiency systems, material flow around a terminal and to and from a ship is environmentally-friendly, smooth and automated.


From multi-million dollar negotiations to travel bookings

My responsibilities as a Contract Manager are diverse. They include everything from multi-million dollar negotiations to travel bookings. I am responsible for managing projects from the moment a contract is signed until the warranty period has expired. This includes being responsible for customer communications during the project, coordinating operations in a project team, making sure that all contract objectives are met and that we deliver the contract on time and on budget.


You need to know a little bit about a lot of things

As a Contract Manager, I work closely with people in my business area. Outside of Siwertell, I can be in contact with everyone from company CEOs to all members of their staff on site, as well as our own site workers and suppliers.

To do my job, I believe that you need to know a little bit about a lot of things and you have to be able to adapt easily to different situations. I am required to have a solid commercial understanding of our business and of our customers’ businesses. I need to be able to co-ordinate complex elements of a contract, to offer good negotiating skills and to not be afraid to accept new challenges. This work can be stressful, so you need to be able to thrive in its fast-pace. I love the fact that two days are never the same.


Siwertell gives me just enough challenges

I love working with my colleagues and Siwertell gives me just enough challenges to develop as a person as well as a project manager.

Siwertell designs and delivers bulk terminals worldwide. As a team, we are able to deliver solutions that help operators meet strict environmental and high-capacity bulk handling requirements. Our internal efficiency and fast decision-making channels really complement the efficiency of our machines.

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