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Terminal - China

Siwertell Terminal for cement, China

High capacity cement handling 

This cement installation at Shekou Terminal has one of the biggest over hand design ever built at 30m, which meets the requirements to keep the quay free 40m from quayside. 



This Siwertell ship unloader is provided with a reach extender, which is an extra knuckle on the vertical conveyor for optimum reach in the ship’s cargo hold. 

The shore handling system is based on horizontal and vertical screw conveyors.
The horizontal shore conveyor has a total length of more than 100m incorporating fixed loading points at every 10m. 

Four vertical screw conveyors are parallel mounted two and two and can be used together or one at a time, depending on the unloading rate. The total lifting height is 50m.

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Ola Jeppsson

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Bulkcem International Ltd.


Shekou, China


Bulk terminal equipment

Additional facts

Ship unloader model

Siwertell ST 490-F rail-mounted

Maximum ship size

35,000 dwt

Total weight of unloader


Conveying system 1

Horizontal screw conveyors HSC 800: 83.6m and 38.6m

Conveying system 2

Vertical screw conveyors SEC 501D of 26m each, parallel mounted two and two, for elevating the material 50m



Weight excl. counterweight