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Ship unloader - Taiwan

White Siwertell Ship unloader in operation

Clean cement operation in Taiwan

This Siwertell continuous screw-type ship unloader was supplied to Chia Hsin Cement Corp for handling cement, and was followed by an order of a horisontal screw conveyor installed along the jetty to receive the unloaded cement.


The rail-mounted 800t/h unloader was delivered as part of a new facility for cement unloading, storage and bulk loading in the port of Keelung.

The contract signed for the unloader was followed by an order for a horizontal screw conveyor, installed along the jetty to receive the unloaded cement at 800t/h.  

A belt lifter arrangement is included in the delivery for a smooth and totally enclosed transfer of cement between the unloader and the jetty conveyor.

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Chia Hsin Cement Corp


Port of Keelung, Taiwan


Ship unloader

Additional facts

Unloader model

ST 490-F, rail-mounted

Unloading capacity


Maximum ship size

40,000 dwt

Total weight


Jetty conveyor length

HNL 800, length 170m