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Ship unloader - Hong Kong

Siwertell Ship unloader for limestone, Hong Kong

Siwertell unloader for improved environment

With the decision to invest in a flue-gas desulphurisation plant at the Lamma Power Station on Lamma Island, the Hongkong Electric Group set a target for their investment to be environmentally sound in all aspects, without limiting the energy production process.


As a consequence of the customer’s needs, they sought out a supplier whose limestone handling equipment is enclosed with no spillage and minimal dust emission, with a guaranteed low-noise level of less than 75dBA, and energy efficient with less than 1kWh/ton from ship to silo. 

Siwertell scope of supply to the plant comprises of two main parts: A Siwertell continuous, screw-type ship unloader and a screw conveyor system. The Siwertell unit unloads limestone powder from ships of up to 10,000 dwt. The discharged material is then fed into the enclosed conveying system on shore.

A series of screw conveyors transport the material to the two silo tops, connected by a 22m long horizontal screw conveyor. The total lifting height is 32m and the capacity is 400t/h.

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Hongkong Electric Group


Lamma Power Station, Hong Kong


Ship unloader

Additional facts

Unloader model

ST 490-F, rail-mounted

Unloading capacity

350t/h each

Maximum ship size

10,000 dwt

Total weight


Conveying system

Horizontal, inclined and vertical screw conveyors; HSC 800, HSC 800S, SEC 601D