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Ship unloader - Egypt

Siwertell Ship unloader for cement, Egypt

Increased cement import in Egypt

This Siwertell ship unloader is installed and operating for El Fahd Co. in Egypt, for increased capacities of the cement import. Thanks to a specially designed reach extendor feature, the unloader can reach into all corners of the ship’s hold which minimises clean-up time substantially. 


The unloader is installed as a stationary unit and is part of a large cement import terminal located in the Mediterranean port of Damietta. 

It is equipped with a Siwertell reach extender attached on the lower part of the vertical conveyor for improved reach in the cargo hold. 

A diesel generator for the ship unloader is also part of the supply from Siwertell.

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Sales Manager, South Asia

Pierre Öhrwall

+46 702558366


El Fahd Co. for cement


Damietta Port, Egypt


Ship unloader

Additional facts

Unloader model

Siwertell ST 490-F with reach extender

Unloading capacity


Maximum ship size

30,000 dwt

Total weight