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Road-mobile unloader - Spain

Siwertell road-mobile unloader in operation

Operation in more than one location

Siwertell mobile unloaders are the ideal solution when unloading is required in more than one location. Thanks to its totally enclosed screw conveyor, there is minimal dust emission and no spillage at all during operation.


Three models available

Siwertell 5 000 S 
For ships up to approx, 5,000 dwt. Being a smaller version of Siwertell mobile unloaders, the 5 000 S is supplied for mobile and fixed installations, and its unloading capacity is approximately 300t/h. 

Siwertell 10 000 S 
In its trailer-based version it’s designed for the discharge of ships to approx. 10,000 dwt. In its gantry-based version it is suitable for ships up to approx. 15,000 dwt. 

Siwertell 15 000 S 
Siwertell 15 000 S is available for the discharge of ships of up to around 15,000 dwt (trailer-based) and around 25,000 dwt (gantry-based). The rated unloading capacity in cement is 500t/h.

Three types of installations available

Trailer unit
Mounted on a semi-trailer, the mobile unloader can be transported between different locations and the conversion from transport mode to unloading mode is both quick and easy. 

Stationary unit
To save space and investment costs, the mobile unloader can be installed on a foundation turret. Such a configuration, however, requires the ship to be moved along the jeetty during unloading.

Gantry unit
To gain better reach into larger ships, the mobile unloader can be installed on a gantry. From an elevated position it’s closer to the jetty’s edge and the ship, enhancing its ability to reach inside the holds. If required, the gantry can be equipped with wheels for installation on rails.


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Ship unloader

Additional facts

Unloading capacity


Maximum ship size

15,000 dwt

Unloader model

15,000 S, road-mobile on semi-trailer, double loading bellows system

Total weight