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Game-changing capabilities for every operation

Bruks Siwertell started a revolution in dry bulk material handling with the introduction of its Siwertell screw-type unloaders and conveyors over forty years ago.

Their efficiency, reliability, and environment-friendly operations appealed to operators. The same is true of the unrivalled flexibility that allows them to handle multiple cargoes with little or no adjustment.

Dual-commodity bulk material unloaders

Some industries and applications often have bulk handling requirements for two specific commodities. The cement industry often needs to handle fly ash as well as cement, while power-generation is making the transition to burning both coal and biomass at the same sites. In both cases Siwertell screw-type unloaders provide the best bulk material unloading systems for operators wanting to minimize investment costs while achieving the most effective performance. They are more efficient and much cleaner than grab cranes and bucket systems. Siwertell manufactures the only enclosed unloaders that can be safely used for handling biomass.

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Multi-cargo bulk operations

Less specialized ports can also benefit from the efficiency, performance and environmental benefits that Bruks Siwertell offers. Our screw-type unloaders can handle a very wide range of bulk materials. Cleaning is very straightforward when required between commodities or between different grades of the same commodity.  

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Multiple benefits of flexibility

The obvious economic benefit of one unloader for multiple cargoes is that you only have to invest in a single system. When it is a Siwertell system, the benefits are more widespread. Siwertell machines are lighter than their equivalent competitors and they have smaller physical footprints. Therefore, terminal space is used more effectively and money is saved on jetty construction or reinforcement costs.

Siwertell multiple materials ship unloader unloading a ship with coal

Loaders for multiple bulk materials

Large ship loaders are often commodity-specific because they generally serve mining operations for a single bulk material. Nevertheless, Siwertell loaders are very versatile and can handle almost any commodity if required.

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