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Bruks Siwertell strengthens collaboration at Nordic Pellets Conference

21 Mar 2019

The combined biofuel handling and wood-processing capabilities of Bruks Siwertell were recently highlighted at a leading annual bioenergy event, Nordic Pellets Conference. Held in Varberg, Sweden, this February, the event was organized by the Swedish Bioenergy Association, Svebio.

“The conference was well attended and presented a fantastic opportunity for Bruks Siwertell to share and gather expertise on the changing energy markets with some of the biggest names in bioenergy,” said Emily Brækhus Cueva, Director of Marketing Communications, Bruks Siwertell Group. “We were able to communicate information about our new integrated portfolio of handling solutions, including new developments.”

Symbolically, the event was held near to one of Sweden’s largest bioenergy facilities, Södra Cell Värö. It generates 1.6TWh of renewable bioenergy in the form of biopower, biofuels, solid biomass, and district heating, as well as producing 700,000 metric tons of pulp, 600,000m3 of sawn timber, and 40,000 metric tons of bioenergy pellets in a carbon-neutral way.

Presentation at conference

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Sharing strategies

“During the event we were able to network and exchange ideas with some of industry’s top minds, sharing forward-thinking strategies for one of energy’s fastest-growing segments,” Ms Brækhus Cueva noted. “By combining the strengths of Bruks and Siwertell, we are able to offer this market and other dry bulk industries, the most complete supply chain solution available.

“Conferences such as this also offer an invaluable opportunity to learn about the concerns of our customers, see how our solutions can benefit them, and of course, develop new ones.

“We have served the dry bulk handling market for decades, and during that time our research and development never stops moving, and we pride ourselves on our ability to grow alongside the market and develop new hardware to meet with its ever-changing needs,” she added.

The conference enabled Bruks Siwertell to detail its complete value-chain solution for the pellet industry, from the handling and conversion of logs at source, to effective and waste-free handling and transportation, to delivery at the power plant. The seminar was hosted jointly by Director of Bruks Group, Bengt Nilsson, and Technical Director Siwertell, Jonas Andersson.

Successful synergies

Bruks Siwertell envisioned how Siwertell’s well-established vertical screw-type unloader, a long-time mainstay of port operations around the world, could be further integrated into the biomass supply chain alongside Bruks’ huge portfolio of wood processing and handling products.

“Siwertell has been integral to the bioenergy picture for decades,” said Mr Andersson. “For example, Siwertell unloaders serve TP Utilities’ Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC) on Jurong Island in Singapore, Peel Port’s Ligna Biomass in Teesport and Associated British Ports’ Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal, in the UK, and the Avedøre power plant in Denmark.

“Siwertell vertical screw-type unloaders offer the best cargo handling capabilities in the business. With an operational a life of around 35,000 hours, they transfer biomass pellets from cargo vessels to these facilities without dust, breakages or spoil, at rated capacities up to 1,200t/h for wood pellets. It is possible to reach even higher capacities if demand requires it.”

Mr Nilsson added: “Bruks’ well known range of wood-processing, screening, stacking and reclaiming, and conveying equipment demonstrates a level of experience in this segment that speaks for itself. Our two established product ranges encapsulate a vast combined expertise, and we are confident that Bruks Siwertell can offer benefits to every discipline in the bioenergy value chain.”


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Director of Marketing Communications, Bruks Siwertell Group

Emily Brækhus Cueva

+46 706858023

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