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Bruks Siwertell hosts first joint seminar

23 Nov 2018

Wide-spread customer benefits, including the provision of a truly global network of support, have been presented at Bruks Siwertell Group’s first conference, held in Atlanta, US

In the final week of October, the newly-formed Bruks Siwertell Group, hosted its first conference, introducing the Bruks Siwertell organization, for the company’s ‘Bulk Worldwide’ representative network, at the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta in Georgia, US.

Attended by over 60 participants, clients came together with representatives from Siwertell and Bruks to discuss the new, future-proof pairing and its implications for the dry bulk handling and machine market. Participants joined from all over the world, spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific to partake in meetings, presentations, workshops and networking.

Siwertell Bruks Representatives


Service everywhere

Following an address from Bruks Siwertell Group CEO Peter Jonsson, the conferences began with a discussion by Siwertell President Per Karlsson and Bruks President Steven Bennett, covering the many synergies identified between the two companies. Mr Karlsson and Mr Bennett discussed the team supporting Bulk Americas & Bulk EMEA Asia, outlining how Bruks’ service network would combine with that of Siwertell to create a truly global network which could provide cover the world over.

This was followed by a discussion hosted by Ken Upchurch, Vice President, Bruks Americas Sales and Marketing, who presented the new integrated product range Bruks Siwertell Group now provides, comprising conveying, storage and port technology segments. 

Exceeding in parallel

Siwertell Technical Director Jonas Andersson discussed the benefits afforded by the company’s combined research and development efforts, outlining the findings in recent projects as well as the newest and most exciting upcoming Bruks-Siwertell projects. 

“With Bruks and Siwertell having developed independently into market-leading manufacturers of port equipment, both have acquired a wealth of experience and insight into this field,” says Mr Andersson. “Therefore, we have identified various exciting synergies between Bruks’ and Siwertell’s product ranges, and numerous avenues for research and mutual growth.

“This conference was a chance to discuss these with our representatives in an open, friendly atmosphere, answer some of their questions, and ourselves benefit from their experience and insight, as well,” adds Mr Karlsson. “For the first time, were able to benefit from the extensive combined expertise of Bruks and Siwertell.”


Siwertell representatives at The Belt Conveyor test site

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